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With over 30 years experience, with music in many different facets, Mike Mckendry has evolved into an Original NZ Folk artist, with over 35 songs written and recorded. His music has reached a wide and diverse audience over the years, from the USA to Sydney Australia, having performed extensively in both countries. Mike donates his time now to songwriting and performing in venues in his home town, from rest homes to pubs, churches, markets, private functions and more.

Major artists who have had a significant influence on his style and delivery, are John Denver, Neil Diamond & Elton John. Mike has also been interested in early blues artists, from Robert Johnson to Jimi Hendrix, having studied these blues artists that were prototypes, he has adapted some of the elements from this other genre of music, and applied it to some of the songs he has written over the years.

Akaroa Harbour on a glorious December morning.

Some of Mike’s music, has featured with terrific slideshows, showcasing one of his other interests, photography. His song “Face To Face”, available for FREE on Youtube, show some of the most breathtaking views the country New Zealand has to offer. So dig in and enjoy the painstaking work we’ve put in, to make both music and photography, take you on a journey through time.

The Starlight showband.

Whatever your special function or occasion is, we’re always willing to provide free consultation, referrals, recommendations, or even if you want to book Mike with a full backing band.

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Mike Mckendry performing in an Elton John Tribute Show.
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Mike Mckendry performing in an Elton John Tribute Show.

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“Better Man Blues” Piano C#

“How Do You Love Her”, Bill’s Bar 6th July 2019

The Jigsaw Song.