Travelling On: Mike Mckendry’s rendition of one of the songs, featutred on the Heavenly armour LIVE release.

It has been nearly 25 years since the release of “Heavenly Armour LIVE”, for those not familiar with this album, it was the recording of a concert, at the Majestic House on Friday 9th September 1994. The album was edited and mastered by Arnie van Bussel, and recorded live with a 7 piece band. One of the songs on that album is “Travelling On”, a rather bluesy gospel account, of the harrowing life of Jesus. This rendition takes us a little further, from the stereotypical Sunday school presentations, and towards a slightly unorthodox earthy blues slant.

The song itself is a simple 3 chordal progression, with major and minor pentatonic variations, performed in the key of C. The keyboard used here in this video, is the Yamaha DGX 620, a useful and potable tool for performing live.