Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano in F#. Song “Nashville To L.A”, by Mike Mckendry.

Nashville To L.A
Key F#

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The above song “Nashville To L.A by Mike Mckendry, comes with two PDF’s, a chord chart with full lyrics and the 4 scales. As this song was written in F# Major, featuring the chords F#, C#, B & F#7th, we will be referring to the B & C# scales as well for the Boogie Woogie Piano Bass line.

Note when the song goes from F# into B, there is a Boogie Woogie walk down, in this sequence of notes, F# > E > D# > C# > B

In the line “Blues Hank and Suede”, there is 5 note walk down in the following sequence of notes, B > A > G# > G > F#.

At the end of the song, “Lord I’ll be coming back home to stay”, there is a 9 note scale walk down, F# > E > D# > D > C# > B > A# > G# > F#. For all other variations, the bass line follows a 1 > 5 bluegrass type progression, with walks in the F# Major key, usually when walking down from C# to F#, however when walking down from F# to B, it follows the F# > E > D# > C# > B route.

With the Guitar/Vocal video, recorded at Bishopdale Mall on Thursday 22nd August, notice the capo is on the 2nd fret. The progression is a rather bluegrass type, with a country blues feel. The thumb is simply used on the bottom E string, and the chord shapes are E, A & B7th (F#, B & C#7th).