The “Jigsaw Song” in Eb, a Piano/Vocal Bluesy Demo by Mike Mckendry.

In previous blogs, we’ve looked at blues type piano playing, in the 5, 6 & 7 sharp keys. This song “The Jigsaw Song”, was written in the key of Eb, with a blues outro in Bb. The outro progression is simply Bb > Eb/Bb > Bb7th, making sure we sustain the bass Bb octave notes. This song will feature on the 6th album by Mike Mckendry, the song is usually performed live with just an Acoustic Guitar/Vocal arrangement, using a G shape chord, with the capo on the 8th fret.

This video demo, was recorded on Sunday 11th August 2019, and we’ve also included a smartphone version, which we uploaded to google drive. The other video is more of a behind the scenes look at how songs are prepared for the studio, and making limited use of the apparatuses at hand. The song has a bluesy tone to it, and the drummer and bass player, should be able to interpret the accents and bass notes to be specifically applied.

The next hurdle in regards to video/audio synchronization, is to have 3 or 4 camera feeds, with the audio tracks mixed independently, the canon power shot creators have deliberately disabled this feature on their domestic use cameras, you’d be looking at a significant amount of money to upgrade to a production quality setup, however good second hand cameras that Television use, or a local AV company is where we will be looking to get some better Video camera equipment.

So stay tuned for the next blog, as we look at upgrading this particular setup for video.