Eb Blues Piano, “The Jigsaw Song” by Mike Mckendry

Hi there all, this particular blog is about Piano Blues in the key of Eb. In this video shot you can’t see the keys, however we’ve included a smartphone recording, simply go to Mike Mckendry’s page https://www.facebook.com/NZFolkMusic/, and the video has been posted there. The song is your typical 4 chord progression, Eb > Ab/Eb > Eb and then to your 4th (Ab), which goes Ab > C# > C# > Eb. The chorus is just a 3 chord progression in the key of Bb, and for all intensive purposes, utilizes a Bb Major pentatonic Jam at the end of the song. The intro has 2 bars with an Fm/Eb.

The chordal progression at the end is simply Bb > Eb/Bb > Bb7th.https://mikemckendry.com/