I Lay Down, a song written with drop D guitar tuning.

This particular song is off Mike Mckendry’s 5th studio album, “Original NZ Folk, Gospel and Blues”. The album itself is a 14 song compilation, of material recorded from 1991 – 2017, and the studio version of the song, features an ascending keyboard bass line, keyboards, guitar & vocals. For the purpose of this blog, we’d like to focus on the type of guitar tuning used when the song was written, namely drop D tuning.

With this particular tuning the order is D A D F# A D, and to make it simple the order for normal tuning is simply E A D G B E. The song is in the key of F, so once the guitar is tuned to drop D the capo goes on the 3rd fret, however it is recommended that you tune the guitar with the capo on, this would mean that the order of notes would translate to F C F A C F.

I Lay Down Excerpt, studio version
I Lay Down, Akaroa 24th January 2017