Random Songwriting

Mike Mckendry

The 21st September, by Mike Mckendry

The song “The 21st September”, was written by Mike Mckendry on 21st September 2019 at Bishopdale Mall. It is a more broader approach to songwriting. When it comes to writing songs, we have to take into consideration, key crucial categories. The first category is Genre, it is basically am I going to write Metal, Rock or Folk etc. Most artists find it easier from a branding perspective and audience, to stick to their genre, ie Motley Crue aren’t going to release a country album in a hurry, some bands like led Zeppelin may have blended blues & folk to some extent, but the process of producing a unique slant on their brand, still applies in the broader contexts of Genre.

The second category is Pitching, who are we pitching our songs to, directly to the fans or are we writing advertising jingles etc. Usually…

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