Face to Face by Mike Mckendry

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Bishopdale Mall, it’s great to have you here. I’d like to do a song, it’s off my 5th album, that album is a compilation, a 14 song compilation of original New Zealand Folk, Gospel & Blues. The song Face to Face, is off Mike Mckendry’s 5th studio album “Original NZ Folk, Gospel & Blues”. This particular version was recorded at Bishopdale Mall on Saturday 12th October 2019. The song is in the key of F(Capo on 3rd fret), and the guitar is tuned to open G. The song itself addresses our struggle with the unknown and supernatural, and in the chorus the lyrics are “Open my eyes to see the North Sky, and my ears to hear the Angels sing. Take away this ache that’s inside, level the up and knock out the deep down”. For more content the just head over to https://mikemckendry.com/

Futhermore the song entails, the ramifications of dealing with the Ominous forces, and the Angelic forces that work in our lives. The second verse deals with the Ominous, “Face to Face with the devil inside, I don’t know why we feel this way. A lot of what can’t be explained in empirical scientific terms, is commonly put in the supernatural box, however the song explores the wonder and beauty, that can be found in nature itself, or more simply put God’s creation.