I’ts Only Natural, exploring C#Minor.

Although this song was originally written for piano in the key of D Minor, we’ve dropped down a semi-tone, capoed on the 4th fret of the guitar we’re using an A Minor shape for the key signature.

Ok, this song is off my 4th album, it’s called Heaven and Earth, and this song is called It’s Only Natural, not the Crowded House version, this is my one. The song “It’s Only Natural” by Mike Mckendry, was originally released in 1999, and then later it was included in the “Heaven and Earth” album. The original keyboard oriented version, was in the key of D minor, with also 16 bit quantised step written keyboard MIDI key trills. For more go to https://mikemckendry.com/ This particular version was recorded at Bishopdale Mall, on Thursday 10th October 2019. Here Mike Mckendry employs a rhythm guitar, and performs it in the key of C# minor. Towards the end of the song the audio feed mysteriously cuts out, and he wanders towards the camera. Here you can see that the capo is on the 4th fret, and the chordal shape progression, for the chorus is simply { Am / Am } { D7 / D7 } { Dm / Dm } { Am / Am } { A / A } { D7 / D7 } { F7 / F7 / F7 / E7 } Pause for a Bar. So for the purposes of doing it in this key with Bass guitar, here is the translated chordal progression for the chorus. { C#min / C#min } { F#7 / F#7 } { F#min / F#min } { C#min / C#min } { C# / C# } { F#7 / F#7 } { A7 / A7 / A7 / G#7 } Pause for a bar For more free material, and blogs, go to https://mikemckendry.com/