The Jigsaw Song, key Eb for guitar, capo on first fret.

For this particular guitar version, we’ve used a barred D shape chord for the signature key. This song was written by Mike Mckendry, with 3 different versions now on You Tube of the Jigsaw Song.

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm welcome to Bishopdale Mall today, our Police are giving away free cups of coffee, there’s one for me, and this song is called the Jigsaw Song, and for all intensive purposes we’ve dropped the bottom E string down to D, playing a full D, which means we’re in Eb. There are two specific guitars for this song, one is a G shape with the capo on the 8th fret, and this one is with a full barred D shape with the capo on the first fret. There are a lot of open chords used for this version, and some interesting variations. There is also a piano version available. For more content, and other articles & music for free, then just head over to