The Moon Under Water, 27th October 2019. Another rendition of the JigSaw Song.

Mike Mckendry

Ok folks here’s another version of my song “The Jigsaw Song”, we’ve included a Piano version, and a blog on this, however for all intents and purposes we’re focusing primarily on Drop D guitar, and playing this with the capo on the first fret, in the key of Eb.

With the camera angle you can see, that we’re utilizing all 6 strings of the guitar, and when we go to the Ab & Db, more open chords are used.

The first step is to tune the bottom E down to D, then place the capo on the first fret. Then place your forefinger on the 3rd fret up, over the D, G, B & E strings, place your middle finger on the B string on the 4th fret, and your ring finger on the D string on the 5th fret. Now pick each string, the first note will be Eb…

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