The Moon Under Water, 27th October 2019. Another rendition of the JigSaw Song.

Ok folks here’s another version of my song “The Jigsaw Song”, we’ve included a Piano version, and a blog on this, however for all intents and purposes we’re focusing primarily on Drop D guitar, and playing this with the capo on the first fret, in the key of Eb.

With the camera angle you can see, that we’re utilizing all 6 strings of the guitar, and when we go to the Ab & Db, more open chords are used.

The first step is to tune the bottom E down to D, then place the capo on the first fret. Then place your forefinger on the 3rd fret up, over the D, G, B & E strings, place your middle finger on the B string on the 4th fret, and your ring finger on the D string on the 5th fret. Now pick each string, the first note will be Eb > Bb > G > Bb > Eb > G, notice the first 5 notes span 2 octaves, this gives this chord a rich and full texture.

Examples of this chord being used in well known songs, is the song “Farewell Andromeda” by John Denver. Here he is capoed up on the 3rd fret, which means we’re in the key of F. Enjoy the video presentation.