Meet Mike

Mike’s Bluesy rendition of his song “Travelling On”, which features on the “Heavenly Armour LIVE” album, released 1994.

Mike Mckendry started playing at events, at the age of 14. He joined the Linwood High school jazz band, as a rhythm guitarist. The LH Jazzband played in a lot of different venues, and it was from this starting point that Mike’s passion for performing was fostered. He’d had piano lessons from the age of 4, which enabled him to become accomplished as a pianist in his early teens.  Mike joined the AirForce as an Avionics Mechanic in 1986, he
served for 2 years then left to study for a science degree graduating from Canterbury University in 1992 and then did a year teacher training, specializing in Biology & Physics, he then tutored mathematics privately for a year. At that stage Mike’s song “First Love” , “Tea Break” and “My Peace” were having airplay on local radio stations. Eventually Music won and by 1995 he was playing 150 gigs per year right up until the American tour. Album titles his songs can be found on are 1)Heavenly Armour 2)Heavenly Armour LIVE (recorded live in concert 1994, at the Majestic House CH CH New Zealand) 3) Come Together Compilation (3 Tracks with 9 other well known N.Z CCM artists), 4)Heaven & Earth(penned during a 4 month tour of the U.S.A in 1997), and the 14 song NZ Folk, Gospel & Blues compilation CD. Mike’s song “Servant Heart” made it into the top 20 of the Big Break competition in 2005. This was an event during New Zealand music month of May, and the competition was run by New Zealand’s Rhema. Rhema is a station in N.Z that has Nationwide coverage, and the song had considerable exposure to a wide field of listeners.
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“Face To Face” Meet Mike’s Family(Slide Show)

Mike Busking In Akaroa, Feb 2017

Mike’s take on the Canterbury Quakes, which started on September 4th 2010. His song “Billy Ran”, stars a fictional character called Billy, who initially runs from the situations which were tormenting him, turning to other comforts in order to block the pain. The song also personifies, the hero that can come out in all of us, when emergency strikes, bringing communities that were once disassociated, ultimately together.

The Ode Of Billy Ran

Oh let me holler you the Ode Of Billy Ran.
He had the fathers feel for his clan.
Oh but one day, the earth claimed his van.
It was the only means he could travel very far,
so Billy took his wife and kids, gave them love and shelter.
And whilst the earth still shook,
he laid his life down.
Good Ole Billy Ran
But oh Mother Nature,
she couldn’t sleep very long.
So ole Billy took his clan to some farmers land.
So goeth Billy, he hit the bottle, stopped the clock.
And raneth to the hills.

This song “I Lay Down”, features on track 2 of the “14 Original NZ Folk, Gospel & Blues Compilation”. The studio version features Guitar, Keyboards & Keyboard Bass.

“I Lay Down, January 2017 in Akaroa