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Face to Face Lyrics Key F


Verse 1

Face to face with all the questions I have

Where are the answers to the deep unknowns

For there are lies and deceptions, that come from below the earth

There’s a life to be found in an ocean

So deep and devoid of light

Like love born in a dessert, so dead and barren

Please wake me up….


And open my eyes to see the north sky

And my ears to hear the Angels sing

Take away this ache that’s inside

Level the up and knock out the deep downs

Verse 2

Face to face with the devil inside

I don’t know why we feel this way

Can’t even contemplate, what will come our way

Don’t turn around and walk the other way

Don’t walk back into his arms

I’ve never given up on Love, it’s the one thing that keeps us strong

So wake me up

Chorus x 2